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Isometric wall squat

The isometric squat is an excellent exercise for toning the entire lower body. Muscles involved are: the gluteus maximus, responsible for hip movement, the quadriceps and hamstrings that work together to flex and extend the legs. Isometrics is a technique based on exerting tension on muscles without any movement.


  • Required Material: A smooth wall, anti-slip surface to prevent slipping and a stopwatch.


  • Procedure: The test consists of holding the isometric squat position without separating the back from the wall for as long as possible. The subject’s feet should be about 2 ft (60 cm) away from the wall, shoulder width apart and the arms extended to both sides. Sometimes it is allowed to have the arms extended up front. During the test it is important that the subject constantly keeps the core active and avoids placing the hands on the legs so as not to bend the spine. Legs must be parallel to the ground, forming a 90º angle and knees over the ankles (see illustration). The test can be performed in sport shoes or barefoot to avoid slipping.
  • Assessment: Measured in seconds. The subject have a maximum of 3 attempts. In Fisicalcoach, the best result, as well as the mean or the median can be registered.

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