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Bilateral shoulder mobility

This test is part of Gray Cook’s FMS (Functional Movement Screen) test battery. With this test we evaluate the joint mobility of the shoulders and it is used to detect weaknesses, muscle shortening and compensations, as well as to assess the degree of instability of the structures.


  • Required material: A measuring tape.
  • Procedure: With the shoulder in complete internal rotation and the hand placed on the back as shown in the illustration, the subject is asked to separate the hand from the back and hold it apart for a few seconds.
  • Assessment: Measured in millimetres (mm). It is assessed according to the criteria of the FMS battery:
    • 0 = If pain is present.
    • 1 = If the distance is greater than one and a half hands.
    • 2 = If there is a distance of less than one and a half hands.
    • 3 = If the hands are touching or there is less than one hand distance.


  • Remarks: In case of a positive test result (score 0), the subject should be subjected to further, more specific tests by a specialist. In addition, one of the reasons why it may be difficult or impossible to do this exercise may be a lack of external rotation of the shoulders, as well as shortening of the pectoralis minor and latissimus dorsi muscles.

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