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10-Second edgren side-step (ESST)

The 10-seconds Edgren Side Step (ESST) is an agility drill tha thelps measuring the subject’s acceleration, speed, body control and his/her ability to perform lateral changes of cambios de direction. These type of movements are present in all sports, so identifying the athlete’s ability to perform them efficiently is a key aspect towards performance improvement.


  • Required Material: A flat non-slip surface, 5 cones and marks to delimit the course of the circuit, a tape measure and a stopwatch.
  • Procedure: The subject has to move laterally (right-left-right) as fast as possible during 10 seconds (sec), trying to pass through as many cones/lines as possible. The subject gets ready for the test standing on the cone/center line (A), as shown in the illustration, facing forward with his/her feet on both sides. At the evaluator’s signal, the subject takes a lateral step to the right until his/her right foot touches or crosses cone B. Next, the he/she takes a lateral step to the left until his left foot touches or crosses cone C and so on until the 10 sec test time is completed.
  • Assessment: It is measured in seconds (sec) and the subject has a maximum of 3 attempts to each side. In Fisicalcoach, the lowest time, as well as the mean and the median can be recorded.


  • Remarks: This test is very valuable for subjects who practice sports in which many lateral steps must be performed, for example in racquet sports. Also for athletes who play in specific positions, such as goalkeepers, who are continuously moving laterally to follow the rival’s actions more efficiently.

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