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Vertical jump

The vertical jump test, also known as the Sargent test after its creator (1921), aims to measure the muscular power of the lower body. It is used to measure the difference between the height of the subject with the hand completely stretched upwards (feet on the ground) and the height that can be reached with that hand after jumping (see illustration).


  • Required Material: Flat non-slip surface, blackboard or wall, tape measure and something to draw the lines and mark the reached height There are also meters on the market that are perfectly calibrated for this test.
  • Procedure: The subject stands sideways close to the wall, on the side of his dominant hand (the hand with which he will mark the jump), as can be seen in the illustration. The first thing to record is the pre-jump measurement (Test 1). To do this, the height of the subject with his/her feet completely flat on the ground and the arm stretched upwards as far as possible (A) must be measured. Once this first measurement has been recorded, the subject must separate from the wall by approximately 1-2 palms before proceeding with the jump. When it is time to perform the jump, the subject should slightly bend the legs (approximately 90º), swinging his/her arms (B) to jump upwards as high as possible, and make a new mark on the wall with the outstretched hand (C). The height reached will be recorded (Test 2).
  • Assessment: The jump height is measured in centimetres (cm). The test result is obtained by subtracting the mark recorded prior to the jump (Test 1) from the last mark obtained (Test 2). The subject has a maximum of 3 attempts. In Fisicalcoach, the highest mark obtained by the subject can be recorded, as well as the mean and the median.
  • Remarks: Performance in this test depends on the ability to use all the elastic energy of the eccentric phase to achieve a powerful jump. Jumping technique plays an important role in achieving a good result.

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