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Thomas test

The Thomas test is a test to assess hip flexor or psoas iliacus shortening. It can also indicate shortening of the quadriceps muscle.


  • Required material: A physiotherapy couch.
  • Procedure: The subject will lie on the stretcher in the supine decubitus position placing the gluteal area on the edge of the stretcher in such a way that the lower limb to be assessed is suspended, while the other is flexed by placing it close to the abdomen holding it with the hands.
  • Assessment: The test is considered positive if the supported thigh of the assessed limb is raised (psoas iliacus shortening) and/or the knee tends to extension (quadriceps shortening).


  • Remarks: If the patient presents an external rotation of the hip during the test we will speak of a shortening of the sartorius; if, in addition, the patient presents a hip abduction, we will speak of a shortening of the tensor fascia lata. These indications together with that of the quadriceps correspond to the modified Thomas test.

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