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Specific running endurance test

The main goal of cardiorespiratory endurance tests is to evaluate the subject’s aerobic capacity.


  • Required Material: A standard quarter-mile track. Other types of terrain can be used as long as the distance measurements are accurate. A high precission sports timing system will be necessary to get a reliable record, although a standard stopwatch can be used if not too high precision timing is admissible. If a four-point sprint start is decided, sarting blocks will be needed as well. If the subjects’ heart rate (HR) must be measured, a heart rate monitor will be needed.
  • Procedure: The subject must cover the established distance in the shortest possible time. Some factors such as the type of start (four-point or standing), the type of race or the weather conditions must be taken into account when analyzing the records.
  • Assessment: Measured in minutes (min) and seconds (s). The subject will have only one attempt.

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