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Sit and reach flexion test

Created in 1952, the Wells and Dillon or Seat and Reach test is used to evaluate trunk flexion ability from a seated position with legs together and extended.


  • Required Material: A wooden platform with a distance scale in cm or inches. If not available, aSwedish bench and a tape measure will be enough.
  • Procedure: The subject will start the test from the sitting position, barefoot with feet resting on the lower part of the bench, legs extended and feet together. If the length of the feet exceeds the height of the bench, the heels shall be placed in contact with the leg of the bench, opening the feet in a V shape and keeping the toes in contact with the upper side edges of the bench. The goal of this test is to try to reach as far as possible with both hands without taking one over other. The subject must perform the trunk flexion smoothly, without bending his/her knees or moving his/her feet, and hold at least 3 seconds at the maximum stretch point.
  • Assessment: Measured in centimeters (cm). The subject will have a maximum of 3 attempts, and all attempts where any rule is broken will be considered null and discarded. The zero will be set at the foot of the bench where the subject’s feet are placed. The result will be negative if the subject is not able to reach that point, and positive when he/she exceeds it. In Fisicalcoach, the longest distance, as well as the median and the mean can be registered.

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