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Rope climb

This test is used to measure and evaluate the explosive strength (alactic anaerobic power) of the flexor muscles of the arms, dorsals and shoulders. Rope climbing is the ultimate physical test that must be passed in order to join the fire department in many countries. This is a test that requires strength, coordination and proper technique; if one of the links fails, it will be very difficult to obtain a good result.


  • Required Material: A rope, a bell and a stopwatch.


  • Procedure: The test consists of climbing a smooth rope by means of the action of the upper limbs of the body, without leg support, starting from the sitting position as shown in the illustration. At the evaluator’s signal, the participant starts climbing until he/she sounds the bell located at a certain height with his/her hand or goes over a line marked on the rope. From the beginning to the end of the test the subject must not use his/her legs or feet to help in the execution of the test, otherwise the test is considered null.
  • Assessment: Measured in seconds. The subject have a maximum of 3 attempts. In Fisicalcoach,  the highest result, as well as the mean or the median can be registered.

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