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Return to play (RTP)

The term Return to Play (RTP), or return to competition, is the decision-making process of when an injured athlete can safely and with certain guarantees return to training and competition. This questionnaire measures the perception of the injured athlete in relation to their short-term RTP.


  • Material required: No specific material is required.
  • Procedure: The evaluator should pass the questionnaire to the athlete and record the result of the points obtained. The questionnaire consists of 10 questions valued from 1 to 5 points each.
  • Evaluation: The maximum score that can be obtained in the questionnaire is 50 points:
    • a) More than 40 points: the player can return with certain guarantees.
    • b) Between 35 and 39 points: other complementary tests should be taken into account.
    • c) Less than 35 points: the athlete’s predisposition to return is not appropriate.

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