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Probst test

The Probst interval test has been designed for the assessment of specific endurance in soccer. It takes into account the recovery and effort times typical of soccer competition. With this test the recovery of the soccer player, as well as the maximum aerobic speed (MAS) and the anaerobic threshold (AT) can be assessed.


  • Required Material: A soccer field, 14 cones and marks to delimit the circuit, soccer boots, a measuring tape and a stopwatch. Besides, an audio equipment to play back the recording of the Probst Test protocol is needed. If the subjects’ heart rate (HR) must be measured, a heart rate monitor will be needed.
  • Procedure: Participants must stand at a cone, waiting to hear the first beep to start. The test consists of running a route of 14 cones (10 meters apart) continuously at the pace set by the audio protocol (beeps), making the passage through each cone coincide with the beeps. When a subject is not able to reach two consecutive cones at with the corresponding beep signals, the test will be terminated for him/her, and the last period reached will be registered. At that time, a 5 minutes rest period will be allowed and the recovery heart rate (HR) will be checked.
  • Assessment: The number of periods or stages the subject is able to cover in a single attempt is measured. A record the HR values must be taken, which will allow the evaluator to identify an inflection point that could correspond to the AT.

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