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Pro agility 5-10-5 test

The Pro Agility test, also known as the 5-10-5, is used as part of the performance evaluation in the NFL and NHL. It measures the subject’s ability for making direction changes, not agility itself. Changes of direction are present in all sports, so identifying the athlete’s ability to perform them efficiently is a key aspect towards performance improvement.


  • Required Material: A flat non-slip surface, 6 cones and marks to delimit the course of the circuit, a tape measure and a stopwatch.
  • Procedure: The subject stands in a 3-point position (A), with legs apart outside the hips and touching the central cone, as shown in the illustration. The 3-support starting position will be used for football and basketball players, and the universal athletic position for any other sport players. If the 3-point position is used, the hand placed on the cone or on the ground at the beginning of the test determines the starting direction. In the case shown in the picture, the subject places his right hand so he will start the run to the right side. While performing the test the subject must touch the line with his/her foot and hand closest to it, but the opposite hand cannot touch the ground at the time of making a change of direction.
  • Assessment: It is measured in seconds (sec) and the subject has a maximum of 3 attempts. In Fisicalcoach, the lowest time, as well as the mean and the median can be recorded.


  • Remarks: Since in exercises that require changes of direction performance depends on the angle and speed during execution, different tests should be considered and the most specific and appropriate one should be chosen in each case. Fisicalcoach has a large set of tests available to perform.

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