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Plate tapping

The main goal of this test is to measure the gestural speed of the upper extremities.


  • Required Material: A table, a stopwatch, two circles and a rectangle as shown in the illustration.
  • Procedure: The subject should stand in front of the table with his/her feet slightly apart. The height of the table should be slightly below the navel. The subject should place the non-dominant hand on the central rectangle and the other on one of the circles. This test consists of touching alternately as fast as possible the 2 circles a total of 25 times each with the dominant hand, passing it in front of the non-dominant hand which will be steady and in permanent contact with the rectangle. The test will end by stopping the stopwatch at the 50th contact.
  • Assessment: It is measured in seconds (sec) and the subject has a maximum of 3 attempts. In Fisicalcoach, the lowest time, as well as the mean and the median can be recorded.

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