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Medicine ball throw

The medicine ball throw test is used to assess the upper body muscular power.


  • Required material: A measuring tape, throw line markers and a medicine ball, whose weight varies according to the subject’s age, gender and strength level.
  • Procedure: Before performing the test, the subject should be in the starting position: standing behind the throw line, legs apart and holding the ball with both hands above and behind the head (see illustration). The test consists of throwing the medicine ball forward with as much force as possible and without taking impulse, so that it falls inside the landing zone. The subject must not lift his/her feet completely from the ground nor step over beyond the throw line, otherwise the attempt will be considered null and void.
  • Assessment: The subject will have a maximum of 3 throw attempts. The length of the throw is measured in meters (m) and centimeters (cm), from the throw line to the point where the ball landed on the ground. (En Fisicalcoach,) The longest distance, as well as the median and the mean can be registered.

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