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Jump rope

Jump rope or skipping rope is a very complete cardiovascular exercise, ideal for burning calories, strengthening the heart, or recovering bone mass. In addition to physical fitness, skipping rope works on jumping strength, agility and coordination. The main goal of this cardiorespiratory endurance test is to evaluate the subject’s aerobic capacity.


  • Required Material: Non-slip surface, a rope and a stopwatch.
  • Procedure: The subject must perform as many jumps as possible and both aspects will be assessed: number of jumps and time spent. The subject will start this test by placing the jump rope behind his feet, lettin it rest on the ground, with his/her arms extended and gripping both rope ends, ready to start jumping at the evaluator’s signal. When the subject manages to complete a full rope turn and get it pass under his/her feet it will be counted as a valid jump. The test will be terminated when the subject fails to complete a jump.
  • Assessment: The total number of jumps completed will be counted, as well as the time spent, which will be measured in minutes (min) and seconds (sec). The subject has a maximum of 3 attempts. In Fisicalcoach, the highest number of jumps, as well as the mean or the median can be registered.
  • Remarks: The skipping rope exercise means a wealth of benefits to the muscular structure both in the upper and lower body, since the legs must be in constant activity and the arms must be moving the rope in a cycle. It benefits the cardiovascular system since it is an aerobic activity, in which the subject must jump continuously with no resting periods.

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