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ITO test (IT)

The Ito test (IT) is a test to assess the resistance of the trunk extensor muscles.


  • Required materials: A physiotherapy couch and a bearing. The test can be performed directly from the floor on a mat or matting.
  • Procedure: The subject lies prone (face down) on the couch, with a pad placed at the level of the iliac spines as shown in the illustration. The subject must perform a trunk extension for a given time, previously established by the evaluator. In this test, the trunk extension is performed without taking the lumbar area off the ground and before starting the test, the shoulders and elbows are moved as far forward as possible, making contact with the thighs, which will be our reference.
  • Evaluation: The test is considered abnormal or positive when the subject is not able to endure the duration of the test due to some kind of pain, discomfort or fatigue. If the subject is able to endure the test without pain, the test is considered normal or negative.

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