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Chin-up isometric hold / sustained pull-up

The isometric hold test is quite complicated and demanding. Not only does it make you face a mentally tough experience, but it is also a very unusual challenge where the isometric muscle contraction is maximum. Isometrics is a technique based on exerting tension on muscles without any movement.


  • Required material: A pull-up bar and a stopwatch. Using a plyo box to help the subject’s suspension is recommended.
  • Procedure: The subject must cling and maintain as long as possible suspended on the bar, as shown in the illustrations, arms bent and chin placed above the bar level without touching it. The test will end when the subject’s chin touches the bar or gets below it. The types of grip that can be used are the pronated-wide grip (illustration A), the supinated-narrow grip (illustration B), the neutral-closed grip and the mixed grip. Regarding the leg positioning, they must be fully extended at all times (illustration A), although some tests allow the legs to be bent (illustration B). Both the grip type and the position of hands and legs must be set before the test is performed.
  • Assessment: Measured in seconds (s). The subject has only one attempt.

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