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In-line stride test

This test is part of Gray Cook’s FMS (Functional Movement Screen) test battery. With this test we evaluate stability and balance as well as joint mobility of the hips, knees and ankles.


  • Required material: A stick or bar and a wooden board or line on the floor.
  • Procedure: The stick is placed behind the head in such a way that one hand holds it at the level of the lower back and the other behind the neck, keeping it always in contact with the back and the head (normally the left hand on the lower back and the right hand on the neck). Next, place one foot at the end of the line in front and step backwards until the heel marks the beginning of the line. From this position and without moving your feet, you must lower yourself to touch the ground with your knee at the level of the foot in front (this must not raise your heel). Finally, from this position, return to the initial position, pushing off with the forward foot.
  • Assessment: It is assessed according to the criteria of the FMS battery:
    • 0 = If pain is felt during the test.
    • 1 = If balance is lost
    • 2 = If the movement is compensated with the trunk when observing the separation of the stick between the head and the back.
    • 3 = If the movement is performed correctly, without losing stability, balance and alignment and without flexing the trunk or lifting the heel.


  • Remarks: For more information consult the FMS test battery that we have in Fisicalcoach.

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