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Horizontal jump

The main objective of this test is to measure the explosive strength of the lower body.


  • Required Material: A non-slip surface, measuring tape and something to draw the lines and mark the place where the feet land after the jump.
  • Procedure: For this test the subject must be standing behind the jumping line. His/her feet may be close together or slightly apart (preferably shoulder-width apart). At the signal of the evaluator, the subject shall flex the trunk and legs while performing a shoulder extension (arms behind the torso). It is advisable for the subject to swing his/her arms and then perform an explosive jump forward. Take-off and landing should be done with both feet, and the subject should remain balanced in that position on the ground to take the measurement.
  • Assessment: The distance of the jump is measured in centimetres (cm) and the measurement shall be taken from the jump line to the nearest body part in contact with the ground, usually the heel of the rearmost foot after the landing (see illustration). The subject has a maximum of 3 attempts. In Fisicalcoach,  the highest height reached by the subject can be recorded, as well as the mean and the median.
  • Remarks: Performance in this test depends on the ability to use all the elastic energy of the eccentric phase to achieve a powerful jump. Jumping technique plays an important role in achieving a good result.

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