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Deep trunk flexion

With this test the global flexibility of the trunk, upper and lower limbs can be measured.


  • Required Material: A plyo box or bench, a wooden block and a measuring tape.
  • Procedure: The subject begins the test standing, with legs semi-flexed, separated the distance marked by the table (max. 30 in. or 76 cm) and the entire sole of the foot resting on the top of the plyo box or bench, which coincides with the zero point of the meter. By bending his/her body, the subject will try to displace the wooden block as far back as possible (see illustration), pushing it gently and progressively with the fingertips of both hands but avoiding jerks or uncontrolled movements. The subject’s hands must slide backwards, without resting the fingers on the board to make force or gain balance trying to reach further. It is also not allowed to make sudden movements, to advance one hand over the other or to lift the soles off the ground during the test. The distance between the heel mark (stop of the box or bench) and the wooden block will be measured. If a wooden block is not available, the mark of the fingers as far back as the subject is capable to reach will be registered.
  • Assessment: Measured in centimeters (cm). The subject will have a maximum of 3 attempts, and all attempts where any rule is broken will be considered null and discarded. In Fisicalcoach, the longest distance, as well as the median and the mean can be registered.

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