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The Burpee test is one of the hardest cardiovascular exercises in the world of fitness. It is used to measure the subject’s lactic anaerobic endurance, i.e. how long his/her body takes to reach the fatigue threshold due to oxygen deficiency and lactate accumulation. The main goal of this cardiorespiratory endurance test is to assess the aerobic capacity of the subject.


  • Required Material: A flat surface and a stopwatch. A rigid mat can also be used to avoid testing directly on the floor.
  • Procedure: This test counts the number of “burpees” that a subject is able to perform in a certain time (previously established) or until he/she can no longer do them. The burpee is a classic crossfit exercise that must be performed as follows:
    • A) The subject begins standing, with legs slightly apart and arms alongside the body.
    • B) Next, the subject should bend the knees to a squat position and rest his/her hands on the floor. Then, he/she should extend and open the arms to shoulder width while stretching the legs to a plank position and perform a push-up.
    • C) The subject then bends his/her legs again, stands up and jumps vigorously upwards with outstretched arms to end in the starting position (A).
  • Assessment: The total number of well-executed burpees is recorded, discarding those considered null due to poor execution. The subject has a maximum of 3 attempts.. In Fisicalcoach, the best result, as well as the mean or the median can be registered.
  • Remarks: The burpee is an exercise that is worked on a lot in Crossfit routines.

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