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Alternate hand wall toss (AHWT)

The Alternate Hand Wall Toss (AHWT) is one of the most widely used tests for measuring hand-eye coordination.


  • Required Material: A baseball or tennis ball, a smooth wall, tape to mark the pitching line on the ground, a tape measure and a stopwatch.
  • Procedure: The test starts with the subject standing behind the throw line, 2 metres from the wall, without stepping on it, as shown in the illustration. On the evaluator’s signal, the subject must start throwing the baseball or tennis ball against the wall with one hand and catch the bounce with the other. The subject continues altenatively throwing and catching during the 30 seconds (sec) of the test. The aim of the test is to achieve the highest number of successful catches in the established time.
  • Assessment: The number of captures that the subject has managed to make in the 30 seconds lapse is measured. He/She has a maximum of 3 attempts. In Fisicalcoach, the highest number, as well as the mean and the median can be recorded.

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