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60-Yard Shuttle test

The 60-Yard Shuttle Test is an anaerobic endurance test, in which the subjects run 5, 10 and 15 yards, round trip, for a total of 60 yd. If the test is measured in meters (m) the distances must be 4.5, 9 and 13.5 meters for a total of 54 m. This test is part of the NFL Combine Aptitude Test suite and has also been one of the U.S. Army’s aptitude tests.


  • Required Material: A flat non-slip surface, 8 cones to delimit the circuit course, a tape measure and a stopwatch. If the subjects’ heart rate (HR) must be measured, a heart rate monitor will be needed.
  • Procedure: In this test the subjects must run the course in the shortest time possible, touching the lines with their hand or foot (depending on the variant selected), each time the subject changes direction. They must run from the starting line (A) to the first cone (B), return to the starting line and run to the second cone (C), return to the starting line again and run to the last cone (D). Once the subject reaches cone D, he/she must make a final sprint to the start line (A) which now represents the finish line. The test is finished when the subject crosses the finish line (A) with any part of the body. At that point the stopwatch will be stopped and the time elapsed will be recorded. Any attempt in which the participant does not touch any of the lines of the course will be considered null and will not be counted.
  • Assessment: Measured in seconds (s). The subject have a maximum of 3 attempts. (En Fisicalcoach,) The best result, as well as the mean or the median can be registered.

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